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Just a quick not to say thank you both so much for a fabulous day yesterday! went away with lots to work on what felt like a spot on assessment of both "Gus" and I in flatwork and jumping sessions alike. Hugely helpful and very much look forward to hopefully being able to attend future sessions!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Team Bates for the amazing clinics we have had with you both. Everyone always learns something new and has something to take home and practice. Its so refreshing to see everyone treated as individuals and lots of smiling faces. Always epic, many many thanks

Arundel & Didtrict Riding Club.

My gelding and I have been at Team Bates for over 9 months now and the transformation for us both has been amazing. Prior to joining the Team, I had a new and rather troublesome (to say the least) gelding with absolutely no confidence left and the feeling of giving up, now, not only do I have a very happy gelding who’s treated like the Bates’ own I also have more confidence than ever.

Regarding the livery, Nicki’s knowledge towards their care on a day to day basis is second to none and I trust her judgement impeccably. The horse couldn’t be happier and that’s all down to the superb attention he receives by her, stemming all the way down to feed and routine, Nicki continuously tried several feeds to make sure not only was he receiving all the vital vitamins and minerals, his brain was also under control for what I wanted to achieve with him. Whenever I’m away I never leave with a worry, I know he’s in the best care.

As for their teaching, each lesson you have with Nicki or Mike you come out feeling more confident, more positive and more knowledgeable than the time before, their ways of teaching are so constructive and they push for achievements within your strengths, you never come out of a session feeling disheartened and they find the best approach for both you and the horse; Which is a real skill when you’re a difficult person to mentor sometimes!

I couldn’t be more thankful for everything they have both inputted into our progress and achievements.

Gina Inglis

I started training with Nikki about 18 months ago. I can honestly say that I drive away from every session with increased confidence and a real sense of progression.  Nikki has an incredible technical understanding of the sport which she applies very effectively and clearly in her teaching, with emphasis not only on what to do, but also getting you to think about why and how it works.  That is essential to being able to take the teaching back home and apply it in schooling - her teaching is genuinely “portable”. She is unfailingly patient, good humoured and fun. Apart from her technical knowledge, what I find really sets her apart from other trainers is her collaborative approach. You feel that you are a partnership in getting the best out of your horse. Nikki not only uses her own observation, but also listens carefully to what you tell her and works with you on the issues you raise, as well as helping you to think for yourself by getting you to assess your performance and that of the horse through her questions and feedback. Between training sessions she also provides short, constructive feedback by text on videos of rounds in competition and we often use these to identify what to tackle at our next session. On top of all this I can ask her advice on any issue of management and care of a competition horse and I get an answer I can rely on and trust.  In short, Nikki is the complete trainer and I’d recommend her to anyone who is serious about improving performance. Emma Burgess


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