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"Two years ago I purchased a superb horse for my nervous 16 year old daughter fresh from a quite serious riding accident.  Nicky restored my faith and sold me an honest kind capable horse.  After two great and very successful years Uni applications were filled in and it was time for our mare to move on to a new home. Nicky was kind and professional from the beginning of the sale to completion.  She took our mare and kept her at her yard, kept her ticking over, competed her when we wanted,  discussed with us all the finer details throughout the whole process, from writing the ad to interviewing prospective buyers ( we were kind of fussy who bought her)! Nicky found a kind and knowledgable new home and she is now happy with her new owner.I can thoroughly recommend buying and selling horses with Nicky. She is knowledgable and professional."

Amanda Thornton

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