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As an ‘older’ rider I thought I would never find the right horse or be able  to compete again at Dressage.... That was until I met Michael!
Not only did he find me my dream horse, but he has encouraged and helped my  riding so much that I have already competed
within three months of owning my horse and have further dates in the  pipeline.
Michael is patient (and tolerant of my negativity!) and has given me that  push and confidence I needed to move forward. Technically I can get away  with
nothing but he makes the training enjoyable and everything is aimed at the  classic ‘correct’ way of going.
His enthusiasm never wanes and both he and Nicki have such positive  outlooks on riding. They have both been so supportive and professional.
Without them I would probably have given up the hope of ever riding again  competitively but now I’m loving being back in the saddle and can look
forward to a few more years of the sport I love. Thank  you!

Caroline Pagett-Fynn

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