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baileyshorsefeedsWith the wealth of knowledge and experience behind Baileys’ products, it’s hardly surprising they are so effective and so well respected. Our team of nutritionists is also available to offer no obligation, practical advice and to help you explore all your feeding options. They can be contacted during office hours by phone or email, certainly won’t advocate change for the sake of it and may simply reassure you that you are doing the right thing. For friendly, practical advice, the Baileys team are hard to beat and, as well as answering your calls and emails, spend many hours on the road visiting yards or giving talks to riding and pony clubs.

We operate an equine waste collection service using a grab loader and a container system.

The waste is classified as agricultural and it's spread onto the land; this puts the goodness back into soil and improves crop quality and yield.

We also operate a paddock sweeping, harrowing and rolling service.

Our coverage at present stretches from East Hampshire to East Sussex, and into Surrey. We collect from large livery yards, racing stables and individual clients with one or two horses.

We hold a current and valid waste carriers licence and recent ventures include an 8cyd skip system for individual customers. Our contracting division deals with bulk muck removal and spreading. This operation usually requires a site visit to price the work.

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Just Equine Ltd is a UK Distributor for top equine brands including: Equine America and Cortaflex, KM Elite Products, Kentucky Horsewear, Freejump Stirrups, Cashel Fly Protection, Stephens, Equiport, VAC’s Polo Bandages, Absorbine, Solocomb, Borstiq, Cowboy Magic, Exhibitor Labs, Smart Tails grooming products  and Robinson Healthcare.

Not forgetting a great selection of Point Two Air Jackets, delivered to your door throughout the UK. Latest additions to the range include Bombers Bits, Equiport Accessories, Dyon Leatherwork.



Devoucoux is wholeheartedly dedicated to the partnership between horse and rider, and has been working to promote it since 1985.

Our saddles and accessories require the expertise of six different trades (master crafts) within the saddlery profession, all of them central to our workshops in the Pays Basque. Cutting, preparing, assembling, putting together, machine stitching and hand stitching result in a harmonious balance – a constantly evolving savoir-faire that gives our models elegance, expertise and comfort. Innovative by nature, we have no qualms about pairing up the latest technology with craftsmanship. Whether for D3D panels or vegetal leather, we are constantly investing so that our leading world products remain so and our novelties become so. This is our way of making passion last.


Direct sponsorship is one of the most powerful ways to reinforce your company's name, logo, products or services to a wider but targeted audience and customer group, while also strengthening your links with the regional community.
It is an excellent method of adding qualitative value to your advertising campaign, your marketing strategy and your public relations presence. Sponsorship 'cross over' can also energise other promotional media you may utilise and can also prove a remarkably cost-effective means to achieving high-level branding

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