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Our service

Team Bates has a limited number of spaces for full livery. With 5 star care and expert knowledge all the horses are happy, relaxed and look in fantastic condition.
Our livery includes top quality hay, a choice of straw or shavings. Individual post and rail turn out available all year round. Top quality Baileys hard feed and regular visits from the area Baileys nutritionist to discuss weight, performance, condition and hay analysis. 24 hour security with CCTV, alarmed tack room & stables. Full use of our facilities, including solarium with a Hot Horse Shower. All backed up by a team of expert vets, farriers, physiotherapists and complimentary therapists.
If you are interested in having a horse at livery with us call to see if we have any vacancies.

One of the main services we offer at Team Bates is training for horse and rider. Both Michael and Nicki are available for private lessons and teach a variety of levels from novice to advanced. With years of experience and priceless time spent with international and Olympic riders Team Bates can offer their clients excellent support and advice on progressing you and your horse to achieve your full potential.
We cover all aspects when assessing knew horse/rider combinations, taking into account your horses diet, previous history, exercise and way of going to create a realistic plan of progression; instilling confidence into the partnership you have with your horse which follows on into the ring! 

Team Bates are available to take jumping and dressage horses in for training to receive concentrated professional help, visit our contacts page and ring us to discuss your specific requirements and to find out how we can help.

Michael and Nicki are also available for clinics within riding clubs & private establishments, contact us to find out where clinics are being held in your local area, or if you are interested in running a series of clinics with us.

Holiday Training
Going on holiday for a week or two? Why not send your horse to us for some fine tuning and see the results for yourself when you return! We regularly have clients horses in for short periods whilst they are on holiday, this way they can relax in the sun knowing their horses are in excellent care and come home to a happy well schooled horse.

Horses for Sale
Selling horses in the market today can be a nightmare, let Team Bates take the stress out of selling for you by taking advantage of our selling service. We can give you experienced advice on how to market your horse and where to market your horse to maximise your chances for sale. With excellent trial facilities and a good reputation we have great success each year selling horses and ponies for customers, we pride ourselves in finding the right matches of horses and riders meaning our purchasers keep in touch and are available for references. Call us to discuss our terms if you are looking to sell your horse or are currently looking to buy, we always have horses and ponies we can recommend that may suit your needs.